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Dr. John Michael Daniels

Chairman of ERuDeF UK committee

Dr. John Michael Daniels

Qualifications : M.A. and PhD, Durham University, UK

Interests : Natural history; heritage and conservation work; school-based French language teaching and learning.

Experience : Volunteer with ERuDeF, for a month in February, March 2013.

Publication : From field notes and photographs taken during this time, produced ‘Butterflies of Bechati and Besali’. First edition given to ERuDeF in May 2014.

Former position : Head teacher of Richard Coates Middle School, Ponteland, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Current activities :

1. ERuDeF Lectures: series of lectures given on the work of ERuDeF and the conservation of the Lebialem Highlands to groups in Norfolk, Buckinghamshire and Northumberland, UK, to raise funds for ERuDeF.

2. ERuDeF Education:

· working with primary schools, talks on the rain forest and the conservation of the Lebialem Highlands in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne; North Tyneside and Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

· Work with the Great North Museum, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on a day of activities on the rain forest and the conservation of gorillas in the Lebialem Highlands, (April, 2015)

· Planned work with gifted pupils at Westville School, Ilkley to develop resources for primary aged pupils about the rain forest and Lebialem Highlands, (March 2016).

3. Heritage: Chairman and founder of Tyne & Wear Heritage Forum: ‘Innovation, Invention, Industrialisation Conference’, 23 January 2016 with 170 delegates; launch of Heritage ACT! An initiative to engage local communities in the conservation of their local heritage.