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08 April 2014

Trees for the Future Cameroon Welcomes New Peace Corps Volunteer

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Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 5.20.44 AMThe Cameroon Program of US Charity Trees for the Future has welcome on board a US Peace Corps to support in her mission of improving livelihoods of local farmers and restoring degraded land through agroforestry and reforestation. Ms Lauren Jessup, joined Trees for the Future Cameroon in March 2014. The 23 year old who hails from Indiana, USA, holds a B.Sc in Science Business and has undergone intensive training in agroforestry techniques with the Peace Corp in US prior to her coming to Cameroon.

Speaking about her new environment, Lauren Jessup said she has always wanted to go somewhere in West or Central Africa to work with people and learn different cultures "I have looked forward to working with people and learning different aspects of their culture while introducing them to new and different ways of doing things" She said.

Before coming to TREES Cameroon, Lauren worked as a Volunteer on Agroforestry and Water Quality with an NGO, VOGOSPAD in Bandjoun, West Region of Cameroon since her arrival in Cameroon in September 2013.

Lauren will work with TREES Cameroon for the next 18 months and during her stay with them, she will be working with the agroforestry program in the Fako Division. She will work with the team to strengthen the Agroforesty networks in Fako Division and establish tree nurseries in communities.

Reacting to the seven months already spent in Cameroon, Lauren said "It has been a wonderful period in my life. People in Cameroon are so hospitable and I always feel at home with them" She hopes to be a valuable member of the team and also work closely with staff of TREES Cameroon partner, the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) "I am ready to share my ideas with workers of TREES Cameroon and ERuDeF. I hope my 18 month stay with these organizations will help in one way or the other in advancing the goals of the organizations and thus preservation of nature" Lauren added.

By Regina Leke