Great Apes Conservation

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The Great Apes component is focused on saving the last species of gorillas and chimpanzees across the Lebialem Highlands, in Upper Banyang and Nkingkwa Hills. The work on great apes also extends into the NW region of Cameroon to focus on the remaining small populations of chimpanzees in that region. Our work on great apes has led to the creation of the Lebialem Highlands Conservation Complex and the Lebialem-Mone Forest Landscape. Currently, ERuDeF is assisting the government of Cameroon to create the Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary. Besides, ERuDeF is also assisting the government to protect the apes in the Mak/Betchou forest, Nkingkwa Hills and Tofala-Mone Forest Corridor.


The core forest blocks concern includes the proposed Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Mak-Betchou forest, Nkingkwa Hills and Tofala-Mone Forest Corridor. Currently, ERuDeF and its partners are assisting the Government of Cameroon to create a system of protected areas in the Lebialem Highlands Complex. The three on-going projects are the proposed Tofala Hill Wildlife sanctuary, Mt Bamboutos Integral Ecological Reserve and Tofala- Mone Forest Corridor.