Cameroon Biodiversity Expedition Initiative:

[one_third][/one_third]We Came In Direct Contact With 5 Chimps – Volunteers Some two international volunteers who recently camped in the heart of the Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, have expressed total extolment for the biodiversity of this protected area. This was after a two-week’s research expedition in the Wildlife Sanctuary, wherein, they came in direct contact with … Read more

Lewoh Women Cooperative Society Gets OHADA Status

[one_third][/one_third]The Lewoh Women Cooperative Society (LeWoCoS) has been officially legalised as per the dictates of the OHADA (Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Laws in Africa) Laws. This was done recently, after the executives of the Cooperative Society, successfully fulfilled all legal requirements The documents needed for its official legalisation were compiled and deposited at … Read more

Recent Landslide Heaped Heavy Damages on Biodiversity Conservation In Proposed Mak-Betchou Wildlife Sanctuary – Investigation

[one_third][/one_third] Counting the Cost: In the month of August 2017, a devastating landslide occurred around the proposed Mak-Betchou Wildlife Sanctuary, Lebialem Division, Southwest Cameroon. Four (Essoh-Attah, Fotabong III, Etabang and Elumba-Mbo) out of the five villages that constitute the Mak-Betchou area suffered heavy material and financial losses. Ngueping Samuel Unfortunately, the heavy loss recorded on … Read more

72 Farmers At Mt Bamboutos Adopt Agroforestry System

] Some 72 from four villages situated on the Lebialem Division flank of Mt Bamboutos, have adopted the agroforestry technique of agriculture. This was during a 6-day sensitisation meeting carried out in all the villages recently. The tour embarked on by the Lebialem Forestry Coordinator, Ntungwa Elong, was aimed at sensitising farmers of four chiefdoms … Read more

Business Models for CPFAM Community Forest Developed

[one_third][/one_third]Two business models to cater for the enterprising needs of the Christian Philanthropic Farms and Missions Community Forest (CPFAM-CF), have been developed. The models developed recently in Ndian Division, Southwest Cameroon, covers four 4 villages under the CPFAM-CF. They include; Itali Batanga, Massaka, Epongi and Bombangi. According to the business models, the communities chose to … Read more

ERuDeF Thrills SW Farmers With Best Agricultural Techniques, Products

[one_third][/one_third]Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) has demonstrated to farmers and residents of the Southwest Regions best agricultural products and practices. The agricultural exhibition which took place at the SW, Buea Omnisport stadium brought together farmers from all nooks and cranny of the SW region, who came to showcase the magnificent agricultural products they got … Read more

Tinto Clan Community Forest, ICRAF, Sign MoU On Bush Mango

[one_third][/one_third]The Tinto Clan Community Forest (TCCF), Manyu, Southwest Cameroon, has put pen to paper for a second time, with World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). The solemn ceremony that took place recently in Buea, comes on the heels of multiplied efforts in the production of Bush mango ( Irvingia gaboneses) at industrial scale. Signing on behalf of … Read more

CAWI Puts Smiles On Faces Of Needy Girls In GHS Buea Town

[one_third][/one_third]Some 19 underprivileged teenage girls enrolling at the Government High School (GHS), Buea Town, breathed a sigh of relieve, Wednesday January 24, 2018. That was after receiving donations in cash and kind from the Centre for the Advancement of Women Initiatives (CAWI). Yanick Fonki The donations comprising of 22 Text books, 5 school bags, and … Read more

Scientific Report for Proposed Mount Manengouba Herpetological Sanctuary Validated

[one_third][/one_third]The Technical Note for the Proposed Mount Manengouba Herpetological Sanctuary has been validated. The document which officially seeks government’s permission for the creation of the protected area, was approved, January 16, 2018. This occurred during the validation workshop, which took place in the Chambers of Agriculture, Fishery, Livestock and Forest in Bonanjo, Douala. By Joyce … Read more

Gov’t Creates Community Forest in Upper Bayang

[one_third][/one_third]Tofala-Mone East Corridor Creation; The government of Cameroon has approved the creation of a new community forest in Manyu Division. The two-year Provisional Management Agreement of the community forest to be named BANCK (Bakumba, Ayukaba, Numba, Chinda, Kendem) community forest, was approved by the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Philip Ngolle Ngwesse, through a Ministerial … Read more