Extension of Threatened Trees project to other Cameroon Mountains eminent

The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) is mapping out strategies for the extension of Threatened Trees Project to other mountains in Cameroon beginning with Mt. Oku. Threatened Tree project seeks to protect and restore the populations of IUCN red listed trees in the Cameroon Mountains through independent actions of local institutions. Launched in 2011, … Read more

Over75000 Agroforestry Trees Planted in Littoral, West Cameroon

  Over 75000 agroforestry and medicinal trees have been planted in the West and Littoral Regions of Cameroon. The tree species including Acacia, Leucaena,  Prunus, Moringa, and Neems , were planted in some three divisions of the West Region and one division of the Littoral Region.  They were planted, July and August, 2018 around water … Read more

Taskforce, Technical Committee Underscores Need to Identify potential Corridors Around Tofala

The Task force and Technical Committee charged with the elaboration of the management plan of the Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, have recommended the need for potential corridors around the Sanctuary to be identified. This recommendation was made during  the Second Taskforce and the Third Technical Committee meetings that took place in Mbalmayo from August 11to … Read more

15 year Project to Restore 35,000ha Degraded Mt Bamboutos Launched

One of the world’s pioneer environmental organisation, the International Tree Foundation and Cameroon’s leading conservation non-profit organisation the Environment and Rural Development Foundation in partnership with the Cameroon Government have launched a 15 year project geared towards restoring over 35,000 hectares of the degraded landscape of the Mt. Bamboutos ecosystem dubbed the Mount Bamboutos Initiative. … Read more

CaMUN Identifies Research Areas for Mount Bamboutos Initiative

The Cameroon Mountain University Network (CaMUN) has identified research thematic areas within the Mount Bamboutos Initiative (MBI). The research areas were identified, August 2018, during CaMUN’s maiden meeting in the University of Buea, which brought together researchers from the University of Bamenda, Institute of Research and Agricultural Development, University of Dschang, ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity … Read more

UNEP, Partners Wage War Against Bakassi Mangrove Depletion

The Bakassi mangrove is one of the very rich and diverse ecosystems in Cameroon with the propensity to stabilize coastlines, protect communities from storms, provide critical habitats for many animals, store vast amounts of carbon, refill groundwater, ensure water purification,  provide income, protection and food for local populations amongst others If managed. Unfortunately wanton exploitation … Read more

ERuDeF to Extend Conservation Activities to Tchabal Mbabo Mountains

Cameroon’s leading conservation non-profit organisation , The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF), is fine tuning strategies to extend her conservation activities to the Tchabal Mbabo Mountains. Tchabal Mbabo is a remote mountain range in Central Cameroon that is located between Latitute 7° 18′ and 7o293′ N and Longitude 12° 14′ and 12o229′ E  and  covers … Read more

Environmental Education Reduces Conservation Threats in Tofala

Community members around the Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary in the Lebialem Division, Southwest Cameroon are increasingly desisting from their rudimentary practices of farming within the protected area. Community members, who have desisted from this conservation threat, attributed the move to incessant sensitization and conservation education carried out by the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF). … Read more

Livelihood Development Needs of Nkongho-Mbo Villages Assessed

Cassava production, bee keeping, piggery, palm oil production and Maize farming have been identified as key livelihood development needs of villages within the Nkongho-Mbo area of the proposed Bangwa-Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary.These needs were identified during a trip to the Nkongho-Mbo area recently by staff of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) to carry out … Read more

Bimbia Bonadikombo and Etinde Community Forests Develop Business Plans for NTFPs

The Bimbia Bonadikombo and Etinde community forests have each produced a business plan for the production and sales of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) like  Bush mango,  bush Pepper ,   and Ngongo leave respectively in large scale. The business models were developed recently as a prerequisite to obtain funding for the Dryad project. While developing … Read more