ERuDeF Installs Newly Appointed Staff Members

The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) on January 31, 2020, installed newly appointed staff members, into various offices, after an executive order announcing the significant changes in the organization, during the ERuDeF general annual meeting on December 20, 2019.

The various staff members installed includes; Steven Tanya-Senior Vice President,          Emmanuel Nchamukong-Vice President ,Prof Christ Tankou –Vice President Education, Dr. Jetrude Njukeng –Vice President Science, Lucia Nkembi –Vice President Women and Gender, Vivian, Tenjem –Chief Finance Officer, Albert Kembou–Acting Executive Director, Stanley Acham-Director of Conservation and Donatus Eni – Associate  Director Social Business Division.

the installation ceremony attended by ERuDeF board members, staff and guests. Louis
Nkembi, the President/CEO of ERuDeF, in his speech, applauded the appointed
staff members and encouraged them to be hardworking, patriotic, committed and
urged them to be visionaries.  He further
emphasizes on the appointed staff members and all other directors, to harness
individual and collective actions for the realization of departmental goals.  

ERuDeF’s Sports for Conservation

The wellbeing of employees determines the wellbeing of the organization. Maintaining long work hours, chasing deadlines, unhealthy lifestyle, and lack of physical exercise invariably leads to poor health patterns that results in low productivity.

ERuDeF staff

It is against these odds that, ERuDeF on Saturday 18
January 2020 launched its “sports for conservation” program. The sporting
activities which ranges from, from aerobics, athletics, football, handball,
tennis, basketball and others, would offer a sturdy platform to practice
discipline and maintain strong relationships among colleagues.

The sporting activities do not end only at the
organizational level, as the unit seeks to engage forest communities and young
Cameroonians in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development through sports.  The sports for conservation program will also
be extended to schools, where sporting competitions are going to be organized
and also ERuDeF is going to join other organizations, in promoting sports for