Code of conduct

As a corporate Institution, IBiNS accepts the responsibility of providing/ensuring a calm atmosphere for the academic, physical and moral development of its students. The following guidelines are set out for this purpose:

  1. The Institute expects students to conduct themselves decently and responsibly at all times, whether on or off campus.
  2. No student shall engage his/her fellow student or any member of the school in physical scuffles.
  3. All students should contribute to the cleanliness of the Institute. They should avoid littering and should make maximum use of the dustbins provided.
  4. The full cost of lost or damaged property will be borne by the student responsible for such loss or damage.
  5. No student may be absent from class without prior authorization except for reasons of health which should be justified. Students are to be punctual to class, show due respect to their teachers and maintain order and quiet in the class.
  6. Students are advised not to smoke as this is dangerous to their health. In any case, no smoking is allowed in the institute.

Student affairs

The office of student affair is charged with questions relating to teaching, research, evaluation of systems of teaching and students.

Student Life

So many students find it hard to study but it’s got to be done and with a few simple tips and some careful planning it can actually be pretty straightforward. Studies are carried out through self guided internet research. It is 70% practical, 15% instruction and 15% self study.