Eric Akemnda (MSc)

Chair, Board of Trustees, ERuDeF

Eric Akemnda holds a 1st degree from the University of Yaounde, school of Education in 1980 and a MS in Biology from the University of Yaounde, school of Education in 1982. Since integrating into the ranks of government in 1983, he has progressively moved from Teacher, Provincial Pedagogic Inspector, Divisional Delegate, and Provincial Delegation of Education to the National Director in charge of planning in 2006. Currently, he is the Technical Advisor No 2 in the Ministry of Education Yaounde. He is a passionate lover of the environment and conservation. He joined ERuDeF in 1999 as one of the founding members.

Ndi Nkemjinya (MSc)

CTreasurer, ERuDeF board of Trustees

Ndi Nkemjinya holds a postgraduate diploma in legal administration from the Yaounde school of Administration in 1980. Since then he has risen and reoccupied several position I judiciary department ranging from Court Registrar, Senior Court Registrar to Chief Court Registrar in 2010. He joined ERuDeF in 1999 as a founding member.

Lawrence Fonjie (MSc)

Administrative Secretary, ERuDeF board of Trustees

Lawrence Fonjie holds a degree in history from the University of Yaounde and a Master in Education from the then University of Yaounde, school of Education. Since joining the government Education administration in 1980, he has risen from a classroom teacher through a Provincial Inspector to the Sub Director in charge of Examination in 2010.

Louis Nkembi (MSc)

Member, ERuDeF Board of Trustees

Founder and President/CEO of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation. Resource management economist with over 21 years of experience in conservation, rural development and community-based project development and management. Research and field experience areas include social aspects of biodiversity conservation, agroforestry development, anthropology, agricultural development, project development, planning, monitoring and evaluation, community-based forestry management, forestry governance and environmental policy, socio-economics and livelihood development, participatory methodologies, strategic planning, production and marketing economics, facilitation of workshops, protected area management, social forestry, on-farm diagnostic surveys, conservation management, conservation education, capacity building and institutional strengthening, administrative and financial management as well as climate change. Specialist in grants writing and fundraising.

Calistus Fonkem

Member, ERuDeF Board of Trustees

Calistus Fonkem holds a degree in agronomy from the Bambili School of Agriculture and several Diplomas in agricultural research management. He joined the Agricultural Research Department in the 1980s and rose progressively to the position of senior Assistant Researcher before joining retirement in 2006. He is currently, the chief Executive of fonkem and fon Enterprise..

David Forchu

Member, ERuDeF Board of Trustees

David Forchu holds a Diploma in Education in the 1970s, held several teaching position and retired in the 1990s as a school Administrator. He is currently the Chief Executive of the Forchu’s Enterprise.

Lucia Nkembi (MSc)

ERuDeF Board of Trustees

Lucia Nkembi holds a 1st & 2nd degrees from the University of Yaounde, a Master degree in Education the University of Yaounde, school of Education in 1996. She joined ERuDeF as a Head of Women’s Programmes. She is currently a High School teacher.

Nicholas Nkemanteh

Board of Trustees Member

Board of Trustees Member

Prof. Januarius Asongu

Board of Trustees Member

Prof. Januarius Asongu holds a PhD in Business Management Rutherford College, USA in 1999. He has held several teaching position in the USA before launching the St. Monica University in Cameroon where he serves as the President and the Chief Executive. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Rutherford College.

Prof. Stephen Formin

Member, ERuDeF Board of Trustees

Prof. Stephen ESD Formin holds a PhD in history from the then University of Yaounde in the 1990s. he has held several teaching positions in the Ministry of Education and currently in the University of Yaounde 1. He is the Head of Research Group on slave Trade.