National Board of Trustees

Benjamin J. Addlestone

Benjamin J. Addlestone has over 20 years experience in biological and environmental sciences that includes domestic and international policy, field and laboratory exposure working with non-profits, for-profits, academia and government. He has experience in market-based solutions to promote sustainability including standards development, certification, stakeholder engagement, supply chain metrics, and research-based problem solving. Specific focus is in the forestry and agriculture arenas.

Ms. Meredith Ogilvie‐Thompson

Born and raised in New York City, Meredith fell in love with Africa from an early age. After completing her studies in Political Science at Columbia University, she travelled across Tanzania and Kenya, spending time with leading scientists and beginning a lifelong commitment to conservation and community development in Africa.

Arend de Haas

Arend de Haas is a conservation ecologist with over 15 years of experience with wildlife and habitat conservation, ecotourism and sustainable community projects. His research and field experience areas include primatology, ungulate ecology, nocturnal animals, laser altimetry, forest biodiversity and vegetation mapping in Africa, Asia and Europe. He provides training in non-profit management, communication, GIS, P3DM, community based conservation and ecological education to local partners, governments and NGOs, in Africa. He has a special interest in conservation-related research and planning using geographic information systems and remote sensing to answer important questions and meet the many challenges facing our natural environment.

Olivier Behra

Chair person, Man and Nature France

Dr. John Michael Daniels

John Daniels is working with primary schools, organising talks on the rain forest and the conservation of the Lebialem Highlands in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne; North Tyneside and Ilkley, West Yorkshire (UK). He also worked with the Great North Museum, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on a day of activities on the rain forest and the conservation of gorillas in the Lebialem Highlands, (April, 2015). This year he will work with gifted pupils at Westville School, Ilkley to develop resources for primary aged pupils about the rain forest and Lebialem Highlands,