Senior Management Team

Louis Nkembi (MSc)

Member, ERuDeF Board of Trustees

Founder and President/CEO of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation. Resource management economist with over 21 years of experience in conservation, rural development and community-based project development and management. Research and field experience areas include social aspects of biodiversity conservation, agroforestry development, anthropology, agricultural development, project development, planning, monitoring and evaluation, community-based forestry management, forestry governance and environmental policy, socio-economics and livelihood development, participatory methodologies, strategic planning, production and marketing economics, facilitation of workshops, protected area management, social forestry, on-farm diagnostic surveys, conservation management, conservation education, capacity building and institutional strengthening, administrative and financial management as well as climate change. Specialist in grants writing and fundraising.

Francis Leku (MSc)

Vice President Government Affairs

Francis Leku holds an MS in Agricultural Engineering from the Dchang, then University college of Dchang, school of Agronomy in 1994. He joined the government and risen from Engineer through the Director of the School of Community Development, Regional Delegate of Agriculture to currently the Director of Quality in the Ministry of Agriculture in Yaounde.

Lawrence Nkemasong

Senior Vice President Programs & Operation

Lawrence Nkemasong holds a 1st & 2nd degree in Geography from the then Yaounde University in the 1980s. He joined the government administration as a teacher of geography, then Provincial Inspector and currently as the Divisional Delegate.

Prof. George Chuyong

Vice President Science

Prof. George Chuyong holds a PhD in forest science from the University of Bern, Switzerland in 2000. He joined the University of Buea, Cameroon and is currently the Head of Department of Botany and plant physiology. He is also the Head of Smithsonian Cameroon Forest Research Programmes.

Rev. Br Linus Tangu

Vice President, Finance

Rev. Brother Linus Tangu holds a MS in management from Ghana school of Administration in 2014. He joined the Religious Group, The Saint John of God order in 1990 and risen from being the hospital staff, through Director of St. John of God Hospital, Nguti, the Sierra Leone and Ghana and currently the Superior of St. John of God Cameroon.

Simon Tayim

Vice President Public affairs

Simon Tayim holds a BA in History in 1990 from the then University of Yaounde school of Education. Since then he has been a teacher, Assistant school Administrator and currently school Administrator. He also holds several Diplomas in administration and project management. He is currently undergoing an MA in school Administration at the University of Buea, Cameroon.