Organisational Chart

Organisational Chart of ERuDeF

Explaining Abbreviations in the Organisational Chart of ERuDeF

S.V.P: Senior Vice President

V.P: Vice President

DAHR: Division of Administration and Human Resources

CD: Communication Division

TU: Translation Unit

P.O: Programs Office

TSD: Technical Services Division

W&GD: Women & Gender Division

FRMP: Forest Resources Management Program

LHP: Livelihoods Program

ABS Initiative : Access & Benefit Sharing Initiative

SWFGP: South West Forest Garden Program

NWFGP: North West Forest Garden Program

W/LFGP: West/ Littoral Forest Garden Program

Lebialem FC: Lebialem Forestry Centre

WCRCP: Western Cameroon Regional Conservation Program

NRCP: Northern Regional Conservation Program

CSERCP: Centre South East Regional Conservation Program

Marine CP: Marine Conservation Program

ESD Program: Education for Sustainable Development

Agric Dvpt: Agricultural Development