Prudence Payong Tionou Marquise


Member of : Programme Managers

Payong Tionou Marquise Prudence is a holder of the BCs in Geography from the University of Buea Cameroon. She is the present coordinator of West and Littoral Region Agroforestry Program at the Environment and Rural Development Foundation, ERuDeF. Payong started in ERuDeF as an intern, then a volunteer receiving training on agroforestry practices and techniques, and then assisting in all agroforestry activities implemented in different communities of interest.

Payong have extensive knowledge and 6 years of working experience in agroforestry practices and agriculture. she have been focusing on sustainable agricultural practices, including community sensitization, training workshops, socio economic surveys in communities, monitor and evaluate project successes, produce technical, financial reports and budget of activities. She also contributes newsletter articles for the Green Vision Newspaper. She is a good facilitator of trainings and able to persuade communities to implement sustainable agricultural practices and improving on their livelihood. It is due to her close collaboration with the communities that for the pass 6 year she was able to plant over 2 million trees of agroforestry species, fruit trees, NTFPs and Timber species in different communities of interest.