‘Rural Pharmacy’ Helps Restore Health Of Farming Couple

A couple in Fundong, Boyo Division, in the Northwest Region, has testified that the use of products from the Neem tree healed them of rheumatic arthritis, fatigue, general body pains, dizziness and fever.

By Blaise Jumbam

Mrs. Bimbo Judith and her husband, Ful Johnson, said they experienced great relief from using Neem following prescriptions from the Rural Pharmacy, a manual developed by the Department of Agroforestry and Agricultural Development at ERuDeF.

The manual has been developed to guide local farmers on how to us the products of medicinal plant species like Moringa, Prunus and Neem to tackle their health issues.

The document contains information on the mode of preparation as well as parts prepared of Moringa, Prunus and Neem.

In just about two months after the Rural Pharmacy was produced, farmers in communities where these trees are being used have shared remarkable testimonies.

Neem is abundant particularly in Fundong, and farmers there have appealed for more medicinal plants for them to plant.

They also requested the ERuDeF team to carry out more research on other diseases that the plants could treat so they can continue to keep healthy through their use.

Farming group were so amazed by the testimony of Bimbo and her husband that vowed to harvest the leaves of the Neem tree immediately for preparation and consumption back at home.

They equally promised to plant their own medicinal plants around their homes to help them in future in their health problems and also permit them to save the money that could be spent for hospital bills.

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