Saving Rainforests, Conserving Species, Impacting Lives


ABS Geographical Scope

  • Lebialem Highlands
    • The focus will be on Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary and proposed Njoagwi-Essoh Attah Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Mondia whitei project will continue to be developed in the Lewoh Hills Biodiversity Hotspot
  • Mount Bamboutos Landscape
    • The landscape includes parts of the Lebialem (Alou and Wabane subdistricts), Menoua, Bamboutos, Mezam, and Momo Divisions
    • The focus will be on Echinops g and other species under research
  • Western High Plateau landscape
  • Nlonako-Muanenguba Mountains
  • Bamenda Highlands
  • Adamawa Plateau
  • Mount Cameroon
  • Deng Deng-Dja landscape