Saving Rainforests, Conserving Species, Impacting Lives




At ERuDeF, our employees know they are making a difference every day. We share a spirit and devotion to wildlife and nature. Our unique backgrounds and qualifications blend together to help us fulfill ERuDeF’s mission

ERuDeF offers rewarding career opportunities in conservation for professionals with an interest in the saving species, saving rainforest and impacting lives. Our innovative projects, dedication to professional growth, and commitment to bring positive change and replicable models of conservation help ERuDeF attract and retain quality and committed employees.

ERuDeF consciously provides its team members an opportunity to grow and develop their knowledge, skills and capacities. We build and support our team with:

  • On-the-job mentoring
  • In-office trainings
  • Encouragement and support to attend relevant conferences, publish articles, initiate new verticals

ERuDeF is committed to recruit and hire qualified staff and to treat its employees equally in all respects, without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin, age, marital status, gender identification, sexual orientation, differently able people, HIV status, or any other classification considered unlawfully discriminatory under any applicable law.

Requirements for the completion of an application for recruitment 

  1. Attestation of service
  2. 4 Passport size photos
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  4. Highest academic qualification
  5. Medical certificate of fitness not older than 03 months
  6. Certificate of non-conviction not older than 06 months
  7. Marriage Certificate (if any)
  8. Copy of National Identity Card

Job Vacancies

Terms of Reference for a Consultancy Service on the Mid-Term Review of the Mount Bamboutos Initiative (MBI) Project in Cameroon

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