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  •     Research and bio-monitoring: Collecting data of flora and fauna species and anthropogenic factors for effective management and policy implementation.
  •      Protected area and corridor management: Creation of Protected Areas and development as well as implementation of the Management Plans for the conservation of threatened species such critically endangered cross river gorillas, endangered Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, drills, goliath frog, pangolin, wild cats, elephants and a host of endangered birds and reptiles. 
  •         Community forestry: Creation of community forest to link protected areas within the landscape as well as the genetic corridors. 
  •         Restoration of degraded ecosystem: Planting of agroforestry and other economic trees. Restoration of the water catchment areas by planting of environmental friendly trees.
  •         Food security and economic resilience programme: Promotion of agrobiodiversity, agroecology, agroforestry, organic farming and forest gardening for the rural small scale farmers.
  •        Economic development programme: Supporting local livelihood development with alternative income generating options such as bee keeping, cassava processing, animal husbandry, and processing of Non-timber forest products (NTFPs).
  •         Conservation finance: Creation of cooperatives and micro-credit institutions to support of local livelihood and protected area management.
  •         Access Benefit Sharing initiative: Valorization of genetic resources such as Mondia whitei and Echinops.
  • Education for sustainable development: Environmental education and outreach programmes.

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