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Adamawa Landscape (Tchabal Mbabo)

Adamawa Landscape (Tchabal Mbabo)

The Tchabal Mbabo Mountains is found in the Adamawa region of Cameroon. It is located between Latitute 7° 18′ and 7o293′ N and Longitude 12° 14′ and 12o229′ E and covers an area of  79000ha. Tchabal Mbabo has four forest types: forest galleries, herbaceous savannahs, dried mountain forests, and woody savannahs forest galleries found in valleys and along rivers. The Tchabal-Mbabo Mountain has a high rate of endemism and serves as an important area for speciation and an important migration corridor for many fauna moving from Gashaka-Gumti National Park to Faro National Park. A total of 33 mammal species were observed  in the area amongst  which are; Panthera pardus, Felis aurata, Lycaon pictus, Panthera leo, Cercopithecus preussi, Redunca fulvorufula adamauae, Crocuta crocuta and Loxodonta Africana cyclotis. The species are considered as globally threatened species according to IUCN categories.  

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