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Office Of Programs


The Department of Programs falls in line with the mission of the organization in that it ensures effective, efficient and timely planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and quality reporting of all project and programs.

Specific objectives:

The departments have 5 specific objectives namely;

  • to ensure planning and management of all project activities,
  • to report on all project activities to management, stakeholders and partners,
  • to develop spatial information (information that identifies geographical locations e.g, geographical coordinates) for all programs and projects in ERuDeF,
  • to conduct monitoring and evaluation for all projects and plans, organize and report all project taskforce meetings.
  • to conduct project taskforce meetings to review the partner’s project reports with the concerned department. This is to ensure that all the requirements for the report are met. The report of this meeting is then submitted to the senior management team of ERuDeF.

Staff Capacity:

The department currently has 2 staff:  A Deputy Director and Geographical Positioning System(GIS) Officer.

What we do:

There are 3 programs involved namely planning and management, report development, monitoring, and evaluation.

The Planning and Management Program seeks to ensure that the goals, objectives, and activities of the various projects are strictly planned and managed.

The Report Development Program seeks to provide management, stakeholders and partners with updates within different departments, programs and projects of the organization.

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) program is further divided into units. The M&E unit seeks to track project progress and analyze results for maximum productivity. The GIS unit seeks to develop spatial information for projects in Cameroon and Africa and also to develop biodiversity information systems for species in protected areas and other ecosystems.


How we achieve our objectives:

Several activities have been put in place to achieve the departmental objectives:

Planning and Management

  • Organizing departmental and organizational review and planning meetings
  • Developing implementation and execution plan for all projects of ERuDeF
  • Collect, review and recommend on weekly, monthly, quarterly, semester and annual work plans of all the staff in the organization.
  • Coordinate Monitoring and Evaluation activities

Report Development

  • Oversee the preparation of weekly, monthly, quarter, semester and annual reports from all departments, programs, and projects.
  • Prepare ERuDeF monthly, quarter, semester and annual reports for the relevant Cameroon Government, department and international partners.
  • Prepare the reports of all partners in collaboration with the concerned departments, Offices of Chief Operating Officer & Chief Executive Officer.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Developing a monitoring and evaluation database for all projects
  • Developing a monitoring and evaluation implementation plan
  • Carrying out desktop and field monitoring and evaluation
  • Promoting the development of a geographical portal for biodiversity data in Cameroon and Africa
  • Produce maps of projects
  • Produce all baseline information for project areas
  • Produce new technology in the field of GIS and remote sensing for conservation, data collection, and processing.

Impacts of implementing Planning Management, Report Development and Monitoring and Evaluation programs have profound impacts on the programs office, projects and the organizations stakeholders.

In relation to the program office, when programs are implemented effectively, it has a positive effect on projects as it enables staff to perform their job with confidence which leads to tasks being executed effectively and with competence.

These programs aid projects to be completed in a timely fashion which then leads reports being finished and submitted on time. Punctuality with reporting, in turn, strengthens partner relationships.

Lastly, through implementing Planning Management, Report Development, and Monitoring and Evaluation programs, stakeholders become fully aware and stay informed of the different projects being implemented and the different impacts created by the projects. These programs ultimately create value for ERuDeF as they have increased the visibility of the organization locally, nationally and internationally.