Saving Rainforests, Conserving Species, Impacting Lives


Office Of Programs



  • To ensure planning and management of all projects activities
  • To report on all projects activities to management, stakeholders and partners
  • To develop spatial information for all programmes and projects in ERuDeF.
  • To conduct Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for all projects
  • To plan, organise and report on all projects task force meetings


Ensure effective , efficient and timely planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and quality reporting of projects and programmes.




ME &UNIT: It seeks to track roject progress and analyse results for maximum productivity . Key activities include;

  • Developing M&E database for all projects.
  • Developing M&E implementation plan.
  • Developing M&E execution plan.
  • Carrying out desktop and field monitoring and evaluation.

GIS UNIT: This Unit seeks to develop spatial information for projects in Cameroon and Africa. It also seeks to develop biodiversity information systems for species in protected areas and other ecosystems.  Its key activities include;

  • Promoting the development of a geographical portal for biodiversity data in Cameroon and Africa Producing details maps of projects.
  • Providing all baseline information for projects areas
  • Promoting new technology in the field of GIS & Remote Sensing for conservation, data collection and processing
  • In collaboration with the ERuDeF Institute, develop and run a Centre for Geomatics Studies.


It seeks to ensure that the goals, objectives and activities of the various projects are strictly planned and managed to achieve the mission of ERuDeF. Key activities include;

  • Organising departmental and organizational review and planning meetings.
  • Developing implementation and execution plan for all projects of ERuDeF
  • Collect, review and recommend on weekly, monthly, quarterly, semester and annual work plans of all the staff in the organization.
  • Coordinate M&E activities


It seeks to provide management, stakeholders and partners with updates within various departments, programmes and projects of the organisation. This is done through key activities including;


  • Overseeing the preparation of weekly, monthly, quarterly, semester and annual Reports and work plans from all Departments/Programs/Projects
  • Prepare the ERuDeF’s Monthly, Quarter, Semester and Annual Reports for both the relevant Cameroon Government Departments and International Partners
  • Conduct technical audits on projects and reports of the organisation
  • Prepare the reports of all partners in collaboration with the concerned departments, Offices of Chief Operating Officer & Chief Executive Officer.
  • Prepare quarterly “Policy Briefs on Sustainable Development” focused on ERuDeF’s projects based on feedback from projects evaluation
  • Plan, organise and report on all projects task force meetings