Saving Rainforests, Conserving Species, Impacting Lives


The Press Office



Seeks to engage African Governments to support, develop, ratify and implement policies, laws and regulatory frameworks that promote the meeting of biodiversity and sustainable development targets in Africa, in partnership with local communities and international partners.



It seeks to advocate for the conservation of threatened/endangered fauna and flora in biodiversity hotspots in Africa  while branding ERuDeF as leading conservation national NGO Saving Biodiversity Species and Ecosystems in Africa.  Activities under this Unit includes;

  • Working with policy makers, civil leaders and politicians to meet biodiversity and sustainable development targets
  • Organisation of Press Conferences
  • Organisation of media events and promotional activities
  • Leading of staff and partners to media platforms
  • Branding and reputation building
  • Production and distribution of public relation tools


This Unit liaises with enterprises, institutions and multinational companies to build up projects with ERuDeF that can contribute to environmental sustainability. Key activities include;

  • Raise funds from small businesses, companies and foundations
  • Develop and implement the Green Corporate Leadership Award
  • Marketing and distribution of ERuDeF media products
  • Collaborate with other departments at ERuDeF to build environmental sustainability plans of companies
  • Assist in the development of Corporate Social Responsibility Department of companies


This Unit seeks to ensure the sustainability and up scaling of print media productions of the organisation. The principal project of this Unit are;

  • The Green Vision Newspaper
  • ERuDeF Institute Newsletter
  • African Conservation Impact Magazine
  • Alliance for African Great Apes Newsletter
  • ERuDeF Institute African Journal of Biodiversity
  • Silver Back Company (SBC) Newsletter
  • Programme e-Newsletter
  • ERuDeF Institute e-Newsletter
  • Partners e-Newsletter
  • SBC E-Newsletter
  • SBC E-Newsletter
  • The ERuDeF Institute Non-Profit Journal
  • Develop and implement the Green Media Initiative


This unit is focused on ensuring the overall online visibility of ERuDeF through constant update and content development using social media sites that include  you-tube, twitter, facebook, blog, instagram, websites.    The websites managed by this Unit include;

  • ERuDeF Website (
  • ERuDeF Institute Website (
  • The Green Vision Website (
  • Silver Back Company Website ( )
  • Expeditions Blog (http/