Announcement for Professional Internship placements

The ERuDeF University Institute of Applied Biodiversity Sciences in collaboration with the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) are launching for the 2019/2020 academic year the recruitment of the following category of interns.

  1. The recruitment of 12 graduate students currently about to start their research programmes in the following fields: Forestry and botany, economics, rural sociology, communication, agronomy, wildlife and conservation biology and environmental law.
  2. The recruitment of six (6) recent graduates at Masters level and who are currently registered with the National Employment Fund either in the SW, West, Litoral, Centre, East, Adamawa and or Far North in the following areas of specialization: law and political sciences, Business Administration, Agronomy, wildlife and conservation biology, forestry, journalism, finance, program administration and management, Human Resources Management, women and gender, human rights and conflicts management.

Recruits from the ERuDeF-NEF partnership programme shall be paid following the regulation in force.

  • Four (4) undergraduates students working to undergo a 3-4-year professional internship training programme in the field of internal audit and control, financial and investment planning, environmental law.

The selected candidates under categories 1 and 2 shall undergo a 12 months training program at the ERuDeF University Institute and a further 12 months field placement in the ERuDeF field programme sites located across the national territory.

At the end of the programme, the successful candidates shall be recruited into ERuDeF as permanent staff.  

Interested candidates should deposit their applications at the ERuDeF Institute campus at Mile 18 Junction-Buea or at the ERuDeF Head office (Civil Society Building) Checkpoint, Buea,

All application files should be composed of the following;

i) an application form collected from the ERuDeF offices and or downloaded from its website; ii) a non-refundable fee of 20,000CFA; iii) a CV;  iv) an attestation of experience from recent graduates if available; v) a reference statement letter from a professor for current students; vi) a commitment letter to complete the training programme.

The funding of the program tuition shall be supported by ERuDeF and its partners, including NEF.

However, the trainees’ field costs shall be covered by the trainee themselves.

The training program begins from the 1st of October 2019.

ERuDeF is an equal opportunity employer regardless of sex, religion, and race

Ndi Magdalene

Acting Director of Administration

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