GBHS Fontem Environmental Club Reaps From School Garden

The Environmental Club of GBHS Fontem has begun reaping from its school garden. The club now harvests huckleberry, sweet herbs and cabbages, which are sold to finance its activities. The Coordinator of GBHS Fontem Environmental Club, Njilegac Damian, and other members of the Lebialem Environmental Education Association (LEEA) attribute the success of the school garden to constant training and coaching from ERuDeF.

“Income generated from the sale of the garden’s output is used to purchase school needs such as pens, pencils, rulers and exercise books for needy students in the club,” Njilegac said.

Njilegac said some of the garden produce are stocked at the school’s cooperative and retailed to students at prices far lower than normal market prices.

The Environmental Club Coordinator explained that vegetables take about two weeks after nursing to be transplanted to the garden while tree species take about two months.

He said the Environmental Club initiated the school garden in line with second generation agriculture (sustainable agriculture) for sustainable development that is being promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Tree species donated by ERuDeF are also planted at the school garden to serve as organic and green manure, given that the excessive application of chemical fertilizer is detrimental to the environment.

By Samuel Ngueping

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