Voluntering Opportunity at ERuDeF



Programme: Administration and Finance

Position: Archivist

Grade: Volunteer

Location: Buea Fako Division,

Reporting to: Director of Administration and Human Resources

Key contacts: ERuDeF Team and Trees for the future team across all the offices

Probation: N/A

Other information: 45-hour working week

I. Purpose of position:

The archivist is an important position in the organisation as he will help in the organisation of the organisation’s archives including documents, objects, recordings and all forms of stored archives. Letters coming in or leaving the organisation are all given reference numbers before being stored. Generally, the archivist will help organise, protect, control access and help in acquisition of other related archives of the organisation.

II. Key responsibilities:

The archivist working together with the Logistics Assistant and Communication Officers shall

1. Give reference numbers to all documents coming in or going out of the organisation

2. Record and give descriptions to all filed documents

3. Guide those seeking to gain access to the records

4. Catalogue all the records in her keep

5. Evalute the different ways of preserving the different categories of records

6. Facilitate training sessions on archival procedures

7. Dispose diligently all records that are to be disposed

III. Required Outputs

8. All records filed and described with a catalogue of where to find each

9. Pictures of activities stored in backup and made available upon request

10. Log book of any visitors to the archives of the organization filled

11. Respond to personal, email and other inquiries on available documentation of the organization

12. Identify and come up with new ways of archiving

13. Follow up the proper binding and archiving of all reports and publications at ERuDeF

14. Keep and track copies of all reports and documentation

15. Report on the state of documentation in all of ERuDeF office

16. Develop a database that matches the physical archives and documents

17. Establish guidelines on the use of the organisation’s archives

18. Collect any important artifact in line with conservation of fauna and flora

IV. Person Specifications:

Education & Qualifications


•Graduate in a relevant field: History, Archaeology, or library science


Ms in Library Science with working experience in archives

Skills & Experience


•3-5 years of experience working in archives or in libraries

•Highly organised and have an eye for detail

•Experience in leading research teams especially in desktop research.

•At least 3 years experience in project management and coordination

•Familiarity with software used by ERuDeF, including Word, Excel and databases

•Good interpersonal and communication skills (especially in English)

•Evidence of ability to create high quality, accurate and timely work products

•Able to work as part of a team as well as individually

•Meticulous in carrying out tasks


•Versed with working with documents, artefacts and all forms of archives

•Fast learner especially in catching up with technological changes on best means to preserve archives

•Ability to provide training and help others keep proper records in their respective fields.

•Able to develop and use databases for archiving and others

•Multilingual (especially French, and English as well as Pidgin English)

Knowledge & Understanding


•Good understanding field of work

•In-depth research knowledge and grant writing


Good communication and presentation skills.

Personal Qualities & Attitude


•Supportive of ERuDeF’s values and vision and willing to work within this ethos

•Aware of respectful interactions when working with people from a variety of cultures, including trustees, collaborators, employees and donors

•Showing initiative, dedication and good judgment in working to tight and changing deadlines

•Capacity for extended travel to multiple locations


•Demonstratively supportive of colleagues

VI. Working Relationships

Internal: Interacts and works closely and on a regular basis with staff including partners and visitors to the organisation

External: Interacts with national governmental institutions, non-governmental

organisations, academic institutions, the media, donors, specialists / consultants,

and other stakeholders.

IX. Contract duration: This volunteering position will be for one year and there is no pay for the position for this initial year.

ERuDeF is an equal opportunity employer and regardless to race, religion or sex. Eligible women candidates are encouraged to apply. Only short-listed candidates will be called for the assessment profiling process

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