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Buea Farming Groups See ‘Gains’ in Agro forestry Farming Systems

Buea Farming Groups See ‘Gains’ in Agro forestry Farming Systems

[one_third][/one_third]Some Mile 14-Buea farming groups have expressed interest in integrating the agro forestry farming system into their farmlands for better yields at the end of the farming season.

By Chamdjou Junie

This motivation came at the end of a one week training workshop on the concept of agro forestry, agro forestry nursery establishment, seed types and pre-treatment techniques and the farm optimization model amongst others.

The farmers expressed gratitude to Trees Cameroon for such a thrilling exercise promising to put what they have learnt into practice by setting up agro forestry nurseries in their individual farms and practicing the farm optimization model for increased yields.

These farmers said their major challenge has been soil infertility and ignorance of agro forestry techniques and thus saw this training as a timely answer to these challenges.

” I have ​​a hectare of maize, yam and cassava farm but the soil has become so infertile that my output for the past years have been so low I end up just covering the cost of farm inputs with no extra gain to meet family needs. I am however certain that when I finish implementing what I have learned from this training, my life will not be the same again” said Mrs. Formutu Magdaline of NebouNebou Farming Group Mile 14 Buea.

Mrs Formutu just like the rest of the farmers beseeched Trees Cameroon Agro forestry Technician to avail herself for continuous coaching and guidance through the entire process of seed treatment, nursery establishment and transplanting.

Reacting to these farmers, the Trees Cameroon Agro forestry Coordinator for Fako Division promised working closely with the farmers; monitoring and evaluating to ensure that they are doing the right thing per the training.

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