Kendem Palm Oil Cooperative Changed to Tofala-Mone Palm Oil Cooperative Society

The Kendem Palm Oil Producers Cooperative Society, created in 2008, has been re-organised and renamed as Tofala-Mone Palm Oil Cooperative Society. The re-organisation and re-naming took place last February, 2018 during a meeting aimed at reorganising the cooperative based on OHADA Uniform Act.

The re-organisation and change of name follows the launching of the Tofala-Mone East Corridor Rainforest Community Conservation Project in 2016, by the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF), to support the development of economic opportunities and introduction of cottage industries. The renaming of the Cooperative has therefore been undertaken to meet up with the objective of the Project.

Since 2010, when the Kendem Palm Oil Producers Cooperative During won a grants and constructed a hall, the Cooperative has remained dormant. The reorganisation and renaming is also a way of reviving the cooperative. “I am very happy with this Initiative that ERuDeF has brought to us. At last my dreams of making this cooperative great have come to fulfilment as we now have a permanent partner. I have been working so hard to ensure the sustainability of this cooperative. Now that the cooperative has a permanent partner, I will say without any doubt that the future is bright for the cooperative members. I will use my position as the president to make sure that all those who have registered without any share do so,” Mr Maurice Ashu, the cooperative president said,

It was agreed at the end of the meeting that each share will cost FCFA 25,000 ($50), with each member to have maximum of four shares. Out of a total of 200 registered members, 54 members paid for their shares. Those who had not paid, were encouraged to do so to ensure the effective functioning of the cooperative.

The meeting also saw the introduction of the Community Conservation Social Enterprise Development (CoCoSED) Initiative to the Cooperative. Members promised to carry out their activities based on the Initiative. Meanwhile plans are underway for the installation of a soap making machine by ERuDeF with the support of Waterloo Foundation to support the development of economic opportunities and introduction of cottage industries.

By Njang Quddus

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