CAWI Economic Support Puts Smiles on IDPs Faces

During a monitoring trip by the Director of the Center for the Advancement of Women’s Initiatives (CAWI) ,Mrs. Nkembi Lucia, to business sites of some internally displaced persons, who benefited from CAWI’s economic support, CAWI was overwhelmed with the impact her economic support has on IDPs.

 CAWI visited madam Ngoe, an IDP residing at Sandpit, Buea, southwest region of Cameroon to assess the impact of the economic support. Both the beneficiary and CAWI were very satisfied with the progress madam Ngoa has made after receiving CAWI’s financial package. “After receiving CAWI’s financial assistance, I immediately opened a provision store where I sell food and non-food items. The business has grown in leaps and bounce. I make profit of at least XAF 1500 to XAF 2500 a day. My life has changed greatly since I started this business”, madam Ngoa said with a broad smile on her face.

The Director of CAWI encouraged her by purchasing some items such as sugar, table napkin, onions, dried fish and eggs. Madam Ngoe could not hold her joy with the visit and expressed her wish for more of such visits which she considers to be very motivating. She thanked CAWI for putting smile on her face and giving her and other women hope and a vision.

CAWI Director buys some items from madam Ngoa

Note should be taken that madam Ngoa is one of the thousand IDPs scattered all over Cameroon as a result of the Anglophone crisis that has rocked Cameroon’s Northwest and Southwest region for the past 4 years.

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