CAWI supports IDPs economically

(IDPs and CAWI after receiving their seed  capital)

The economic empowerment program that was benefited by nine women,  was organized by ERuDeF Center for the Advancement of Women’s Initiatives (CAWI). Its main objective was to donate items to IDPs to start up a business. The event took place on Tuesday 25th February, 2020 at the ERuDeF Conference Hall, at 3’30pm. It was attended by some eleven Internally Displaced women who received items like firewood, cosmetics, cocoyams, plantains, materials for soap production etc, for their businesses.

The event was spearheaded by the Programs Officer Mbunya Mary, with the help of the entire CAWI team, who handed the items to the internally displaced women. Speaking during the event the Director of CAWI highlighted on the expected impact which should affect both the recipients and their families positively. She stressed on the need for the recipients to manage the items judiciously and to expect a monitoring team from CAWI for follow up.

 At the end of the event, the women expressed  joy as they received the items. Mrs. Bernadette Foncham, the leader of a group of three women who received items for soap production said “CAWI has been very helpful to my group. My team was among the women who were trained on soap production. We started producing powder soap, but went short of materials to continue with the production. I thank CAWI for giving me these materials. This will make the production easier for my team. I am extremely happy because CAWI has dried tears from my eyes. This will make life easier for me and the women in my group”.

Mrs. Foleven Elizabeth expressed  much gratitude to CAWI as she said “I thank CAWI so much for these items. Life has been extremely difficult for me as an IDP in Buea. It was so difficult for me to feed my entire family. With this business I intend starting up, it will go a long way to provide food and basic necessities for my children. God bless CAWI”.

Mrs. Tanbedeck Louisa was full of joy “this is a dream come true. I have always dreamt of owning a business of my own but it sounded impossible to me. This is because as an IDP, I could barely feed myself.  CAWI has added purpose to my life My life will be easier now. Long live CAWI”.

The event ended with photographs taken of the happy internally displaced women, and CAWI team feeling accomplished for putting smiles on their faces.

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