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ERuDeF Board institutes Annual Thanks Giving Day

ERuDeF Board institutes Annual Thanks Giving Day

[one_third][/one_third]Board Members of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) have resolved to set aside a day in a year to give back to the community.

The Board members reached this decision on Saturday, February 1, 2014, during the Annual General Meeting that held at the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies.

Speaking about this innovation, the Chair of the Board of Trustees of ERuDeF, Akemnda Eric said “The Annual Give Back is a very accepted initiative. If at the end of the year we are able to run the organization successfully, it is all by the grace of God. We should be able to say thank you to God and extend a hand of charity to the under privileged of the society. At the same time ERuDeF as a charitable NGO should be able to show signs of charity especially given the aims of the charity are directed towards attaining ERuDeF’s objectives”.

Earlier on in the meeting, Board members examined the organizational and financial reports for 2013 and drew up a plan of action for 2014. The President/CEO, Louis Nkembi presented a list of programs and projects which the organization carried out for 2013. One of the programs was the Great Apes Program. Louis Nkembi gave an account on the creation process of the proposed Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary. He was proud to announce to the board that thanks to ERuDeF’s persistent efforts, the file for the sanctuary is at the Prime Minister’s office. He equally gave an account of the other programs that were carried out in 2013 including the Livelihood and Economic Development Program, Education for Sustainable Development, Forest and Climate Change Program and the International Volunteering Program. Louis Nkembi also updated the board about the launch of a new project- The Green Vision Newspaper which seeks to bridge the existing gap in environmental communication. The board members lauded the initiative and said the newspaper was a veritable tool in fighting ignorance on conservation amongst Cameroonians.

The constitution was later reviewed and members made several inputs to make the constitution dynamic. Finally, the new constitution was unanimously adopted by all the Board members.

Speaking after the meeting, the Board Chair, Akemnda Eric said “2013 went successfully from the examination of annual reports presented at the annual meeting. Everything went on well. We looked at the organizational and financial reports for 2013 and from the presentations I can say all went well and as the Board Chair I am very satisfied that ERuDeF is on the right path”.

Another board member Dr. Zinkeng Matina equally lauded the management of ERuDeF for having remained focused in the vision of conserving wildlife and protecting fragile environments.

The other board members present at the meeting lauded the CEO’s efforts in making ERuDeF one of the leading NGOs in Cameroon and for contributing enormously towards protecting Cameroon’s rich environment.

Speaking about the 2014 plan of action, the CEO of ERuDeF, Louis Nkembi said “I think ERuDeF will be much better in 2014. We have restructured ERuDeF with respect to the constitution and correcting some of the pitfalls in the previous constitution. This will give ERuDeF new dynamics and make the organization a better conservation watchdog”

Louis Nkembi called on all the stakeholders to put hands on deck to make sure ERuDeF maintains the lead in the world of conservation NGOs. He extended words of gratitude to the entire Board and also to the staff of ERuDeF for their efforts in 2013 and wished for the best in 2014.

By Regina Leke

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