ERuDeF, CAMPOST Prospect Partnership

On Friday, March 20, 2015, ERuDeF and Cameroon Postal Services (CAMPOST) executives met at the former’s head office in Buea, and discussed how to strike an alliance and move into bilateral agreements. The parties agreed that what is needed is more cooperation to grasp new ICT-driven services and mutual benefits.

Frederic Fenni, CAMPOST’s Director of Courier and Network Services, suggested that what ERuDeF expects from the meeting is an agreement on the establishment of a partnership that could be of great help to the environment conservation NGO.

“Our postal services are booming and so together we can achieve a great deal,” said Fenni.

The CAMPOST Regional Sales Manager, Thierry Tehna, said there are several services which could be advantageous for ERuDeF following a partnership agreement. These include CAMPOST’s swift and sure Express Mail Service (EMS) with tracking conveniences and proof of delivery in Cameroon and beyond.

“CAMPOST operates more than some 280 post offices nationwide and reaches clients in 186 countries and this could be very convenient for ERuDeF in terms of broadcasting environmental conservation messages,” said Saber Yarbey Genevieve, Commercial Attaché.

She said besides this fast and safe postal service, with added advantage of personalised mail delivery, a partnership would attract discounts, provides internship openings, E-commerce opportunities and a data base centre service.

With this wide gamut of benefits, ERuDeF in turn appealed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles.

Louis Nkembi, ERuDeF CEO, said: “Corporate image can be very well enhanced through compliance to corporate social responsibility principles.”

In response, CAMPOST Director Fenni said they would be willing to engage more in CSR principles through ERuDeF’s valuable conservation programmes.

“Project propositions from ERuDeF are welcome on our table at CAMPOST for review and sponsorship,” Fenni said.

As a parting shot to bring the CAMPOST up to date, ERuDeF CEO Nkembi reiterated the organisation’s mission: “Our eco-system is critically endangered so we are trying to save threatened wildlife species in their natural habitats. We also focus on people who live in protected areas because people are the primary destroyers of natural habitats to secure their livelihoods and future.”

ERuDeF also tries to include other people and companies in its conservation business.

By Azore Opio & Margaret Eyong Abio

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