ERuDeF Installs Newly Appointed Staff Members

The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) on January 31, 2020, installed newly appointed staff members, into various offices, after an executive order announcing the significant changes in the organization, during the ERuDeF general annual meeting on December 20, 2019.

The various staff members installed includes; Steven Tanya-Senior Vice President,          Emmanuel Nchamukong-Vice President ,Prof Christ Tankou –Vice President Education, Dr. Jetrude Njukeng –Vice President Science, Lucia Nkembi –Vice President Women and Gender, Vivian, Tenjem –Chief Finance Officer, Albert Kembou–Acting Executive Director, Stanley Acham-Director of Conservation and Donatus Eni – Associate  Director Social Business Division.

During the installation ceremony attended by ERuDeF board members, staff and guests. Louis Nkembi, the President/CEO of ERuDeF, in his speech, applauded the appointed staff members and encouraged them to be hardworking, patriotic, committed and urged them to be visionaries.  He further emphasizes on the appointed staff members and all other directors, to harness individual and collective actions for the realization of departmental goals.  

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