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ERuDeF Management, Staff Validate 2018 Operational Plans

ERuDeF Management, Staff Validate 2018 Operational Plans

[one_third][/one_third]The management and staff of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF), have screened and validated the Organisation’s 2018 Operational Plan. They validated the plan of activities and anticipated results, during the ERuDeF 2017 Annual Review and Planning Meeting (ARPM) that took place from December 4 to 8, 2017. The five days long meeting was held at the conference room of the Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife for the Southwest, Cameroon.

BY: Yanick Fonki

Each department presented their 2017 results and impacts, and then their 2018 Operational Plan, plus anticipated results. The departmental Head (Directors), took turns to x-ray their departments, before giving a vivid picture of how they intend to forge the Organisation ahead through their departments.

The Department of Forestry plans to continue the creation of more community forests, and the upgrade of the FMU-1100; Agroforestry Department plans to continue its tree planting advocacy, with extension to other parts of Cameroon, Conservation Department plans to facilitate the classification of the proposed Mak-Betchou Wildlife Sanctuary, and the development of the Management Plan of the Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary. Meanwhile, the Department of Training and Professional Development plans to continue training more conservationists and also produce peer review journals. Meantime, it shall also carryout capacity building drills for ERuDeF Staff.

The Department of Communication plans to embark on robust visibility campaigns of the activities of ERuDeF through a number of objectives. Also, the Department of Livelihoods and Economic Development plans to continue providing alternative sources of livelihood to communities adjacent to protected areas. Meantime, the Department of Development and Philanthropy like the Office of Strategic Initiatives, plans to embark on a robust fundraising campaign.

Speaking at the end of the five days meeting, the President and Chief Executive Officer, Louis Nkembi said each department will be provided with the necessary resources to carry out their planned activities unperturbed. Meantime, he called of members on various departments to continue building their capacities and empowering themselves with the state-of-the-art technologies and knowledge to enable them be relevant in the competitive market. Louis Nkembi announced the creation of a United States (US) branch of ERuDeF in 2018. That is coming months after the United Kingdom (UK) branch of ERuDeF was created earlier in 2017.

The meeting rounded up with all members resolving to put in their best in ERuDeF’s advocacy drive of Saving Rainforests, Conserving Species, and impacting lives.

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