ERuDeF Partners With US Charity To Restore Lebialem Water Catchments

The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) in partnership with US Charity Trees for the Future has planted 1000 agroforestry tree species around four water catchments in some communities in the Lebialem Highlands SW Region notably Mmouck-Leteh and Mmouckmbie.

The activity was carried out recently by ERuDeF’s education team with the technical assistance of Trees for the Future’s Field Technician Fotso Jean. The species planted included Caliandra, Acacia and Laecaena

Prior to the planting of these trees, community sensitization meetings on water catchment protection were held in these communities to drill the population about catering for their water catchments.

These meetings saw the participation of over 50 community members who were educated on the importance of protecting water catchments, on some factors that threaten these catchments and how they can protect them for their use and that of future generations. The villagers were also educated on the role trees play in catchment areas and the effects of cutting them down.

ERuDeF then provided the tree seedlings of agroforestry species to the communities and after, demonstrations on how to prepare the seedlings before planting were done and the people actively got involved in planting the trees 2 square meters apart at the catchments.

The community members lauded the efforts of ERuDeF and Trees for the Future in protecting the environment and restoring fragile ecologies. And promised to take good care of the trees.

Akeh Nug

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