GPS Kugwe Beat ERuDeF/TREES 2-1 In Football Match

TREES USA partners and ERuDeF players recently suffered defeat at hands of GPS Kugwe in Batibo Subdivision, North West region.

The TREES USA partners, who were on a monitoring and evaluation trip in the West, Littoral, South West and North West Regions, had stopped at the primary school in Kugwe to offer the pupils some balls and encourage them to plant trees.

At the school, Neba Kingsly introduced the Buea team while the Head Master of the school (Mr Weregwe George) introduced his staff.

Before the impromptu match, Ayong Thomas, Momo Agroforestry Field Technician, talked on the importance of trees to the environment.

For his part, Ben Addlestone the USA Coordinator of TREES Cameroon Program, stressed the need to sensitize and encourage children to plant trees as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

He then donated a football and a Frisbee to the school. Then the football was put to test.

The ERuDeF/Trees team against the GPS Kugwe School Team. The ERuDeF/TREES team was composed of:

Louis Nkembi, ERuDeF President/CEO), Ben Addlestone, Prof. John Munsel (Virginia Tech University), Andrew Zacharias (TREES USA M&E Specialist), Jumbam Blaise (North West Agroforestry Coordinator), Neba Kingsly, Asong Fabian (driver), Ayong Thomas, Weregwe George, Tendong Cornelius, Colin Korst (Peace Corps), Atim Gideon, Mbah Thomas (Head Teacher) formed the ERuDeF-TREES team.

The match provided fun time for both the conservationists and the students. It ended with a powerful drive from GPS Kugwe striker to seal their victory over the adult team.

By Blaise Njumbam

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