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Green Cooperative Society Gets Pioneer Executive

Green Cooperative Society Gets Pioneer Executive

[one_third][/one_third]A pioneer executive to manage the affairs of one of Cameroon’s newest microfinance, the Green Cooperative Society (GreCoSo) has been elected and installed. The team made up of nine robust technocrats, were installed Friday December 8, 2017 at the Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife, for the Southwest. It was during the maiden Annual General Meeting of the cooperative society.

BY: Boh Muma

According to the facts and figures from the election, Quddus Njang, was elected President of the cooperative society and Charles Tangie, as Vice President. Yanick Fonki was voted as the Secretary General, Vivian Tejem as the Treasurer, and Payong Prudence and Mm Akeh Nug as General Auditors. Meanwhile, Mr Louis Nkembi and Mr Njingo Thomas were nominated by general acclamation at the Advisory Position.

They shall all run their respective positions for the next five years.

Installing them into office, an ace credit unionist and statistician, Mr Nkemka George, called on the newly elected to carry out their functions judiciously. He indicated that as a pioneer executive, it is imperative for the position holders to lay down a solid foundation so the cooperative society can sprout on.

He reminded the team of their respective duties and responsibilities before requesting regular meetings among the executives for their activities to be carried out coherently. Mr Nkemka also called on the members of the cooperative society to lend maximum support and cooperation to the executive. He noted that if everyone carries out everyone’s respective functions, the Green Cooperative Society will be an enviable pinnacle in the microfinance world.

On his part, the pioneer President of the Green Cooperative Society, Quddus Njang, expressed gratitude on his election. He promised to erect a new and befitting structure to host the cooperative society in five years’ time.

Preceding the election and installation exercise, all members unanimously adopted the article of association of the cooperative society. The adopted document saw members approving FCFA 5000 being the amount for registration, as well as a minimum of three shares be acquired by a member. A share cost FCFA 10,000 and no member can buy more than 20% of the general number of shares.

The Green Cooperative Society is refreshed by the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF). Members unanimously accepted that 30% of the profits from the cooperative society will be ploughed back to support ERuDeF’s conservation efforts.

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