Green Vision Newspaper bridging knowledge gap in local Communities


Knowledge they say is power, power to transform a people and power to transform a society. Since the birth of the Green Vision Newspaper which seeks to educate the people about the environment and get every member of the society in protecting the environment, the response from Cameroonians have been enormous. Since its birth, a total of 6000 copies have been produced and distributed nationwide. But probably what is more interesting is how people in enclave communities most of whom radio and television signals do not reach have embraced the Green Vision and are using the knowledge to contribute to conservation. From June to November, the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) through its Livelihood & Economic Development/Education program, has distributed over 500 copies of the Green Vision Newspaper to some communities in the Lebialem Highlands including Nkong, Essoh-attah, Besali, Bechati to name these.

The people have embraced the paper and testified that it helps them to understand more about conservation and why they need to get more involved to protect the richly endowed Lebialem Highlands with the presence of globally protected species such as the Cross River Gorillas, Nigeria-Cameroon Chimp, African Forest Elephants to name these

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