International Day of Forests 2021: time to rethink and redress our relationship with the forest

Man’s unsustainable way of exploiting forest resources has caused a number of problems, amongst which, forest degradation. The International Day of Forests 2021 presents to us another opportunity to rethink and redress what looks like geometric degradation of forest landscapes. Our lives are linked to the forest in one way or the other. We depend on forests for food, fuel, medicine and many more. This relation we have with the forest presupposes that we must manage forest resources sustainably for the present and future generations.

We at ERuDeF are convince that for us to effectively combat climate change and the biodiversity crisis we find ourselves in today, we must manage our forest sustainably.

Theme of of the International Day of Forests for 2021 is “Forest Restoration: a path to recovery and well-being” . Indeed, forest restoration is a path to recovery and well-being. We think this is the right time for us to take a collective action.  

For the past three days, the Environment and Rural Development Foundation has been working with communities along the Mount Bamboutos landscape in planting trees to restore this mountain.   This is part of its 15 years’ commitment to restore this mountain with the planting of 15 million trees in 15 years, in what is today known as the Mount Bamboutos Initiative.  

We are extending our vision to cover the central African sub region. for the next 15 years we will be planting 300 million trees to restore degraded landscapes in Cameroon and the Central Africa Sub Region. Also, we will be planting 100 million trees on small holder farms in Cameroon and the Central African sub region.

We hope you can accompany us to achieving this dream. The journey starts with planting one tree. Be part of the journey.

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