Lewoh Women Cooperative Society Gets OHADA Status

The Lewoh Women Cooperative Society (LeWoCoS) has been officially legalised as per the dictates of the OHADA (Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Laws in Africa) Laws.

This was done recently, after the executives of the Cooperative Society, successfully fulfilled all legal requirements

The documents needed for its official legalisation were compiled and deposited at the Divisional Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER), Lebialem. The documents were studied with some corrections made and transmitted to the Regional Delegation of MINADER in Buea within a period of one month. All these led to the official legalization of LeWoCoS by the end of December 2017.

The entire process was facilitated by the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF), who ensured the registration of this cooperative following the OHADA format.

LeWoCoS is engaged in three key activities; collection of Mondia whetei roots, rearing of pigs (piggery) and production of other agricultural products. Each befitting member is liable to a minimum number of one share, amounting to10,000 FRS.

Following the OHADA laws adopted on the 15th December 2010 at Lome, all laws associated to Cooperative societies are harmonised under a single code. Reason why all cooperatives must be validated by the OHADA code, in accordance with the law.

By Njang Quddus

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