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Training of farmers on nursery establishment on Mount Bamboutos landscape

Training of farmers on nursery establishment on Mount Bamboutos landscape

The Forest Gardens Project II kicked off on March 2020, with the training and practical establishment of nurseries in each locality in Mount Bamboutos landscape. Nursery establishment is the preliminary stage of trees planting. Being a special site for the production and breeding of seedlings before planting, with its aim to obtain quality plants, i.e. lignified, capable of withstanding bad weather, from the moment of planting till the period of out planting. These nurseries were established in pots and bare-rooted.

Thus the populations together with all the Forest Gardens of Project II previously registered and grouped together were trained on the choice of the site of the nursery, the material necessary to set up the nursery, the pre-treatment of the seeds and the maintenance of a nursery. All this knowledge was put into practice with the creation of nurseries in Bamebim, Bamaka, Bamessuing, Batomenie, Bagading and Baladjeutsa villages between the 12th -20th March 2020, the populations. They have systematically planted trees that will serve for the future protection of their forest garden, namely Acacia (Acacia sp), Leuceuna (Leuceana leucocephala), Tephrosia (Tephrosia vogelii) and Pygum (Prunus africana). The commitment observed among the population gives hope that the forest garden project will be a complete success

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