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Proposed Tofala goes wireless

Proposed Tofala goes wireless


[one_third][/one_third]Villages that form part of the proposed Tofala Wildlife Sanctuary are now connected to a wireless telephone network. The hitherto remote settlement whose forest habours some of the world’s protected species was in mid September connected to one of the existing Mobile Telephone Network companies in Cameroon, popularly known as MTN. This historic and ground breaking connection came shortly after the official opening of the antenna by officials of the telecommunication company. This development was highly saluted by the villagers of the entire Wabane Sub Division under which Tofala belongs. This is given the fact that they can now communicate with their loved ones from far and wide. In a telephone communication with the D.O of Wabane Mr. Moni Innocent, on Wednesday September 18, 2013, he confirmed the reality of the network’s presence as he was talking live from Bechati . In a follow up discussion with the Brigade Commander for the Gendarmerie Post Bechati, approximately 90% of Wabane sub division now has access to the network as he spoke from his office in Bechati.

It would be important to note that the introduction of this mobile network would have sustained impact not only on the socio-economic development of the communities but also on a sustainable and participatory conservation effort in the landscape. The presence of mobile network connection implies that decisions taken at the central coordination unit can easily reach the grassroots for implementation, and vice versa as events happenings on the ground can easily be communicated for policy enactment. Improved information flow also has the ability to increase efficiency in the management of bio diversity. Conservation best practices can also be shared easily.

By Forbe Hodu

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