1.0: Finance Department

1.1: Junior Finance officer (Intern) (BSc)

2.0: Menji Regional Office

2.1: Accounting Officer (BS with experience required)

2.2: Human Resource Assistant (BS with experience required and top up to a MS in NGO Administration)

2.3: Regional Director (MSc, in wildlife, conservation, biodiversity, more than 5 years of experience)

3.0: ERuDeF Institute

3.1: Director (PhD) (preferably from Forestry, Biology, Science of conservation, wildlife, biodiversity)

3.2: Administrator/Human Resources Officer (minimum of BSc/BA). Experience required and top up with a MS in NGO Administration

4.0: CSE Regional Program

4.1: Socio-economist/Education at Bertoua (MS in Economist/Sociologist) (especially bilingual). Experience required. French speaking with good knowledge of English and preferably from the Centre, South and or East Region of Cameroon

4.2: Business and Biodiversity Specialist (MA, Jurist with additional training in business & biodiversity)

5.0: Department of Forestry

5.1: DRYAD Project- Economist and Marketing Analyst (Intern) (at least BSc Economics and a top up to a MS project economics required)

5.2: DRYAD Project-Microfinance (Intern)(At least BSc Economics/Accounting/Finance and a top up to a MS required)

5.3: Assistant to the Director of Forestry (Intern with one year of relevant professional experience)(At least MS Forestry/Botany)

5.4: Two Forestry Interns attached to the office of the Director of Forestry. MS preferable in forestry and botany

6.0: Department of LED

6.1: ABS Interns (2) with at least Bachelors in any field (top up to MS required)

6.2: CoCoSED Initiative Coordinator (At least BS Finance/Accounting/Banking/Economics) with experience and a top up to a MS required

6.3: Palm Oil Coordinator at Lebialem (At least BS Economics/Management) with experience and top up to a MS required

6.4: Sociologist/Anthropologist at Muanenguba (At least MS preferable with one year professional experience)

6.5: Women and Gender Specialist (Intern) (At least BS and a top up to MS required)

7.0: Office of the President/CEO

7.1: Policy Officer (Legal Adviser) (At least a professional lawyer or MA Jurist) with relevant professional experience (additional training in biodiversity and business required)

7.2: Head of Infrastructural Development Division (Civil Engineer with relevant experience)

7.3: Deputy Executive Director (At least MS with a minimum of 10 years professional experience in NGO work and administration and/or corporate sector administration, capable of raising at least 50 million CFA a year)

7.4: Head of Social Business Division at the ERuDeF (At least MS in Business management & administration) Experience required.

8.0: Department of Conservation

8.1: Intern, Mountain Biodiversity studies (MS or graduate student in conservation/biodiversity/geography)

8.2: Protected Area Development Coordinator at Muanenguba (At least MS with relevant professional experience)

8.3: Intern, ESD Assistant at Lebialem Highlands (At least BS in EE, Environmental Sciences and a top up to a MS required)

8.4: Intern, Botanist/Ethno biology (At least BS in biology, botany and/or ethnobiology and a top up to a MS required)

9.0: Department of Agroforestry and Agricultural Development

9.1: Agroforester/ Agronomist at Muanenguba (At least MS in agroforestry, agriculture, Agronomy). Expereince required

9.2 Regional Agroforestry Coordinator for Adamoua Region.( MS in agroforestry, agriculture, agronomy). Experience required with very good knowledge of Foufode, French and English. An indigene from the North is preferable. Office in Tibati and or Banyo.

10.0 Department of Internal Operations

10.1 Programme Officer (MSc, experienced required)

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