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Restoring Degraded Mt Bamboutos; Over 5000 Trees Planted

Restoring Degraded Mt Bamboutos; Over 5000 Trees Planted

[one_third][/one_third]The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) in collaboration with the UNDP GEF Small grants Program are intensifying efforts towards restoring the southern slope of Mount Bamboutos, which has undergone severe degradation due uncontrolled agricultural practices.

Over 5000 Acacia angustissima seedlings were recently transplanted to farms within the degraded landscape of Magha-Bamumbu.

This exercise according to ERuDeF Agroforestry Coordinator for Lebialem Division, Mr Ntungwa Elong, will not only restore the severely degraded landscape, but all also boost water flow and reduce soil contamination that has been caused by the heavy use of pesticides by the local farmers.

Given the role of these trees in restoring this landscape, the farmers were sensitized on the importance of the agroforestry trees in their farms.

“These trees will not only restored your landscape; they will also fertilize the soil and increase farm yield. These trees fertilize the soil in two ways; the leave of the tree are used for mulching and the same time, the roots release nitrogen which plays an important role in soil fertilization” Mr Elong said.

After the sensitization exercise, farmers were taken to the nurseries for demonstration on how the remaining trees in the nurseries will be transplanted.

Kenmene Lea Alida

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