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Talung Village Gets 8000-capacity NTFPs Nursery

Talung Village Gets 8000-capacity NTFPs Nursery

[one_third][/one_third]A nursery to raise 8,000 seedlings of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) like Bush mango, Bitter cola, Njangsang and Njinjap has been set up in Talung village in Wabane Subdivision, Lebialem Division in the Southwest Region.

ERuDeF has established this nursery with the aim of alleviating poverty among communities adjacent to protected areas so as to distract farmers and hunters from exploiting the forest by providing them with alternative means of income-generating activities.

When the seedlings of these NTFPs will be mature and ready for transplanting after six months, they will be distributed to farmers.

ERuDeF field technicians will train the recipients to plant these seedlings in their farms

For their part, the farmers will be required to give their names and the number of each species received, to facilitate geo-referencing and evaluation of survival rate.

This will enable the field technicians to assess the output, outcome, and impact of the project.

By Ntungwa Elong

Lebialem Forestry Coordinator

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