The ERuDeF Junior Professional Training Programme


The CEO of ERuDeF is pleased to inform the general public that ERuDeF has launched its Junior Professional Training Programme at the intention of those holding 1st and master degrees as well as those pursuing their master research in relevant fields and wishing to work for ERuDeF. The ERuDeF Junior Professional Programme starting in October 2015 seeks to train the future staff of ERuDeF through the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies. The training duration will run from 12-18 months for holders of master degrees and 24 months for holders of 1st degrees. Preference will be given to those having one year of relevant professional experience.

ERuDeF is seeking to recruit through this training programme the following: one specialist in mountain studies, two conservation biologists, two forestry science specialists, two specialists in NGO Administration, two specialists in rural studies, three education specialists, three specialists in environmental journalism, one specialist in marine studies, one specialist in applied botany, two specialists in project economics and three specialists in financial analysis.

The latest date for the reception of application files is 20 September 2015. The admission into the programme will be by the study of files. Those students already studying in the ERuDeF Institute and wishing to join the ERuDeF Junior Professional Programme are equally encouraged to apply.

The details of this call and application procedures should be obtained from the following websites:, and Application forms are obtainable from the ERuDeF Institute located at Mile 18, Muea Road, Buea, SW Cameroon and or downloaded from the website at .

Further inquiries could be obtained from, or or call 699122904, 674809595 and 675927611

ERuDeF is an equal opportunity employer regardless of sex and origin.

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