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Water Management Committee Installed To Resolve Menji Water Crisis

Water Management Committee Installed To Resolve Menji Water Crisis

[one_third][/one_third]A Water Management Committee has been put in place in Menji, Chief Town of the Lebialem Division to ensure the proper maintenance and management of water schemes in this area.

The Committee, which has as Chairman, Fogap Ivo was installed during an enlarged water management forum organized last August 29, 2016 at the Women Empowerment Center in Menji to seek lasting solutions to water crisis that has been plaguing the area for some time now.

The newly elected Water Management Committee was to work in collaboration with the Menji Council for the maintenance and management of the Azi-Menji-Ndasoa Water Scheme. Meanwhile, the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) was to oversee tree planting activities around water catchments and sensitise the population on sustainable practices around such catchments.

Speaking during the forum, the Lord Mayor of Menji Council, Chief Barrister Atabong, thanked all present. He remarked that the massive turnout was an indication of how much commitment they accorded to solving the crisis.

The Mayor pledged his Council’s total collaboration in the execution of its own quota of the scheme’s demand. He added that in the days ahead, a municipal decision empowering the Committee to officially commence work will be signed.

Meanwhile, the newly elected Chairman, Mr. Fogap Ivo, said the first plan of action for the Committee will be to carry out diagnosis of the whole water scheme, create a data base of all water users and open an office where water users can acquire information and pay their bills.

Over the years, access to portable water in this area has been very difficult. The inhabitants often trek several kilometres in search of clean water. The deplorable situation warranted prompt actions. Thus, the Menji Council, the Water Management Committee and ERuDeF are expected to collaborate amongst themselves such that the existing water sources are sustainably managed.

By Ngueping Samuel

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