Women and Gender Officer Needed at ERuDeF

Job title: Women and Gender Officer

Organisation: Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF)

Category: Non-Profit Ogranisation

Location/City: Dschang, West Cameroon

Reporting to: Manager of Mount Bamboutos Initiative (MBI)

Number of positions: one (1)

Job Type: Part Time (could move to full time)


The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) is a Cameroonian non-profit organization founded in 1999. It is the leading National Conservation Organisation in Cameroon. ERuDeF’s mission is dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity and protection of fragile environments through research, training, education and community engagement. She seeks to “Save Rainforests, Conserve Species, Impact lives”. The Mount Bamboutos Initiative (MBI), is a project of ERuDeF geared towards restoring the biodiversity and ecosystem functions of the Mt Bamboutos ecosystem, while securing the livelihoods of the local and indigenous communities.

ERuDeF is a highly intensive, academic and professional organisation with a very strong drive for excellence and multi-tasking.

Overview of Position:

The Women and Gender Officer has the role of supporting and implementing gender mainstreaming across different departments of ERuDeF. The position is also linked to the promotion of gender equality within the different ERuDeF programmes; the promotion of gender balance and a gender sensitive work environment. The Women and Gender Officer provides input, guidance and recommendations on all gender perspectives across the MBI.

Main Tasks:

  1. At MBI Level
  • Assist MBI Manager to assess and identify gender needs within the MBI framework.
  • Develop and execute an overall strategic action plan for women & gender within the MBI landscape
  • Lead the establishment of a gender task force within the programme and serve as its coordinator.
  • Develop gender strategies, proposals and grants
  • Co-ordinate training activities and develop a set of tools for training on gender mainstreaming.
  • Monitor and Evaluate women and gender activities within the MBI landscape
  • Provide assistance in data collection and establishing indicators to support knowledge sharing.
  • Assist in the development of new projects and programmes.
  • Present a weekly brief and monthly report of your activities to the MBI Project Manager at ERuDeF
  • And any other task that may be assigned by Management
  1. At ERuDeF Level
  • She will serve as Project Officer at the Center for the Advancement of Women’s Initiatives (CAWI) to develop new strategies and funding
  • She will plan and execute all the projects and programmes at the Centre for the Advancement of Women’s Initiatives
  • She will develop data base for the women and gender programme
  1. At Departmental Level in ERuDeF
  • She will work with the respective departmental directors especially those of Forestry, Conservation, Livelihood and Economic Development, and Agroforestry & Agricultural Development to mainstream and integrate women & gender dimensions into the respective departments

Desired skills:

  • Must be a female
  • Relevant knowledge in project management environment
  • Minimum of Master’s degree in Gender and Development, Anthropology, Natural Resource Management, Developmental Studies or equivalent
  • At least 2 years working experience in advocacy for gender issues, especially in institutions which deal with research and development.
  • Analytical ability to design, implement and evaluate gender mainstreaming options.
  • Very good business skills

Essential skills:

  • Organisation and management skills
  • Leadership and entrepreneur skills
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Attention to details
  • Excellent verbal, writing, editing and presentation skills are required

General skills:

  • Excellent computer and internet skills
  • Working together with others, relate to people, engages and builds relationships
  • Drive for results
  • Task completion; reliable, committed to completing tasks
  • Resilience; persistent, respectful, positive and self-resilient
  • Accountable; drives outcomes by taking personal responsibility

How to apply: Application files consisting of:

  1. A Curriculum Vitae
  2. Referee statements
  3. Copies of relevant Certificates and diplomas
  4. A motivation letter and
  5. An attestation of work experience

should be addressed to the Chief Operating Officer at P. O. Box 189 Buea, South West Cameroon or by e-mail to: info@erudef.org

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