ERuDeF And MoBECoS Partner In Conservation Social Enterprise Development

The Mount Bamboutos Echinops Cooperative Society (MoBECoS) and the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the implementation of the Community Conservation Social Enterprise Development (CoCoSED) Initiative. CoCoSED is an initiative of ERuDeF which seeks to help local communities generate funding, through community based financial mechanisms to support community projects like water, electricity and other livelihood activities without necessarily waiting on government’s intervention

The MoU was signed last September, 2016 at the Cooperative Community Hall in a ceremony that brought together the representative of the Fon of Bamumbu, the representative of the Chief of Magha-Bamumbu, MoBECoS members and other community members.

The MoU permitted the people of Magha-Bamumbu, on the one hand, to ensure constant supply of products generated through livelihood supports from ERuDeF, to MoBECoS for transformation, and ERuDeF, on the other hand, through her Silver Back Company, will liaise with MoBECoS to sell the products and send part of the profit to ERuDeF endowment fund for charitable actions.

The Assistant Director of the Department of Livelihood and Economic Development, Madam Lea Kenmene signed on behalf of ERuDeF while the President of MoBECoS signed on behalf of the Cooperative with both parties pledging to respect the terms of the agreement.

“ERuDeF be rest assured of our support. For some time now, our efforts have been minimal. We would double our efforts to ensure that this new initiative works in this community” the President of MoBECoS said.

Corroborating this, Chief Nebo Abraham of Fomenji said the initiative has development prospects and is therefore “for the good of our people”. The traditional ruler equally cautioned MoBECoS members to keep aside their selfish interests and be supportive of the initiative for the betterment of its members and the community as a whole. He also congratulated ERuDeF for introducing the CoCoSED model.

On her part, the ERuDeF Livelihood and Economic Development Assistant Director, Mrs. Lea Kenmene assured all and sundry that her Organization will work with the community members for the conservation of their rich biodiversity, while also ensuring the wellbeing of the people.

“ERuDeF is ready to coordinate and support the necessary funding opportunities that will be managed and controlled by the communities themselves, to enable them improve their wellbeing,” Mrs. Lea Kenmene added.

Community Conservation Social Enterprise Development (CoCoSED) Initiative is part of the Mak-Betchou Rainforest Conservation Project supported by Trusk Trust-USA.

By Kenmene Alida

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