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ERuDeF Staff Drilled On Microsoft Excel

ERuDeF Staff Drilled On Microsoft Excel

[one_third][/one_third]Some ten staff of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) have been schooled on data analysis and processing using Microsoft Excel (Ms-Excel). The training dished out recently at the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-Profit Studies, Mile 18 Buea, was organized by Man and Nature, one of ERuDeF’s collaborators.

Joyce Mbong

This training came on the heels of some setbacks or errors realised in the different annual reports submitted to Man and Nature.

According to the facilitator, Emmanuelle Rogue, the training is necessary in equipping the staff on the different aspects of Excel, especially data Analysis and other tools

“Am working with Man and Nature which is a partner of ERuDeF we are currently working on two projects that is the ABS and Palm Oil projects. During our annual meeting some of the staff told us that they have some need in excel and we need to improve their skills and levels in Ms-Excel. I also realized their weaknesses in data analysis on excel, how to manipulate tools and formatting. Iit was not perfect,”.Emmanuelle Rogue said.

It is from this experience that the focal person Emmanuelle Rogue was able to create exercises to rectify the various mistakes previously made by the various staff.

“The training was really practical, I made a power point presentation based on previous annual reports so that they could better understand. I hope they have all learnt something and that they will be able to extrapolate it in their current job,” she added.

Participants during this workshop commended the initiative of Man and Nature

“The two days workshop given by Emmanuelle was purposely to get familiar with Excel, the normal operations on functions, formatting and also how to do data analysis etc. As an Economist and working in the department of Livelihoods and Economic Development in ERuDeF, one can’t do without excel you will need it because most of the time you will need to do data analysis be it cost analysis, financial or revenue. So this training will be of great help to me, not only in ERuDeF because even out of ERuDeF I will still make use of this training. How to impute formulas in excel is not known by everyone, how to work on several excel sheets at a time and a host of other activities on excel is not easy. However, thanks to this workshop everything has been made easier for us by Man and Nature,” said AyangkengAtem Lauren

The manager of threaten trees of Cameroon Mountains, Adeline Tengem indicated that this training comes up in times where she encountered some difficulties in data analysis and interpretation.

“This training comes just when I need it. I can impute date quite alright but analyzing data and knowing the appropriate charts to use during data representation has always been a problem to me. Thanks to this workshop I can now analyses data with the appropriate charts. And I think these skills I acquired during this workshop will help me to properly impute, analyze and represent data using the appropriate charts,” Adeline T said.

Emmanuelle Rogue hope that with this training all staff will be able to manage excel hitch free.

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