ERuDeF to Extend Conservation Activities to Tchabal Mbabo Mountains

Cameroon’s leading conservation non-profit organisation , The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF), is fine tuning strategies to extend her conservation activities to the Tchabal Mbabo Mountains. Tchabal Mbabo is a remote mountain range in Central Cameroon that is located between Latitute 7° 18′ and 7o293′ N and Longitude 12° 14′ and 12o229′ E  and  covers an area of  79000 ha.

The award winning NGO, which has for the last 19 years, been engage in biodiversity conservation and restoring fragile environments  will be going to the Adamawa Region of Cameroon to carry out biodiversity research, livelihood development, law enforcement and anti poaching within the Tchabal Mbabo Mountains.  These activities will be geared towards conserving great apes (Gorilla and Chimpanzee), birds, amphibians and reptiles species. It is also expected the presence of ERuDeF in this area will bridge knowledge gaps on the population status and movement patterns of apes and other wildlife between the Gashaka Gumti National Park in Nigeria and the Tchabal Mbabo mountains, as well as protect wildlife habitat.

Though rich in biodiversity, no concrete conservation project has ever been initiated in the area,  apart from some  biological surveys on birds, reptiles and mammals. ERuDeF’s extension to this area, will therefore make the organisation the first to embark on real on the ground conservation project within these mountains.

Angwa Gwendolyn

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