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ERuDeF UK Supports Education in Besali, SW Cameroon

ERuDeF UK Supports Education in Besali, SW Cameroon


Some gifts comprising of solar computers, books, pens, and other didactic materials have been donated to some schools in Besali, a village in Lebialem, Southwest Cameroon. The donation exercise was carried out by the United Kingdom branch of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF UK).

According to the Chair of ERuDeF UK, John Daniels, the donation falls in line with the Organisation’s objective to support education and alleviate poverty in rural schools and communities. He however regretted the fact that it was unfortunate the donation was done at a time when schools were shut down in the area. He was positive that when schools effectively start, students and teachers will ease school work with the gifts.

“It is quite unfortunate that I visited at a time when schools in this area are not functional. I regret not being able to meet with the staff and students of GHS Besali. I sincerely hope that these gifts will go a long way to help make studies easier for both the students and their teachers,” John said.

On behalf of the schools, the gifts were received by the Director of ERuDeF Institute, Mm Akeh Nug. With so much gratitude and praise, the Director promised to hand over the gifts to the respective recipients as soon as schools resume.

Besali, hit with electricity blackout, has little or no multimedia centres. The computers donated which rely solely on sunlight for energy, will go a long way to enhance the teaching of information and communication technology (ICT) to the students in the area.

As a means of poverty alleviation, it was also agreed that women in the Besali community will in the days ahead be trained on how to produce locally made soaps, so as to empower them, giving them an alternative source of livelihood thereby reducing, if not stopping their encroachment in to the forest.

It should also be noted that Besali village is one of the adjacent villages to the Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, home to some IUCN red listed species such as the Cross River gorillas, Nigeria Cameroon Chimpanzees and a host of others.

By Melvis Takang

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