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ERuDeF Menji Staff Renew Commitments

ERuDeF Menji Staff Renew Commitments

[one_third][/one_third]Staff of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF’s) Western Regional Office, based in Menji, have echoed their renewed commitment to push forward the Organisation’s Conservation vision by carrying out their work diligently and on time. They made the commitment during an enlarged staff meeting that took place recently in the conference room of the Menji office.

Emmanuel Nkeng

According to the staff, given the growth in strengthat the Menji office compounded by increase of activities around the Lebialem highlands, there was a need for a come together so staff commitments could be boosted.

“We are now counting up to 12 ERuDeF staff at the Menji. Our workloads have been increased as well. Therefore, we needed this kind of meeting so we understand how to execute our various tasks at the shortest possible time. We also needed a forum like this to discuss how to collaborate effectively with one another,” said Nkeng Emmanuel, Administrative, and Logistics Officer.The staff used the occasion to boost staff relationship and seek possible ways of implementing collaborative management techniques.

“The meeting was timely, especially in ironing out any challenges we faced in carrying out our activities. Some staff used the platform to err and mend broken relationships for the betterment of the Organisation. I strongly believe that our activities will greatly be improved after the meeting,” said Njom Ignatius, Manager of Silver Back Company.

Meantime, the Manager of ERuDeF Menji Field Office, Allen Tabi, called on every staff to put in their efforts so that earmarked timelines can be attained. He beckoned on managers and coordinators of various projects to translate all the recommendations taken in the meeting to concrete actions.

“We all concur to the proverbial phrase that says coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. It is going to be on that basis that we shall all achieve our various tasks,” Allen Tabi added.

Some of the pending activities on course for execution include bio monitoring/surveys in Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary (THWS), and the proposed Mark-Bectchou Wildlife Sanctuary (MBWS), sensitisation on environmental protection through the preparation and proper coordination of live radio coverage in the Lebialem community radio. In addition, there will be carrying out of trainings for cooperative members around Lebialem by ERuDeF staff on cassava cultivation, bee and pigs farming techniques among others.

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