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Illegal Logging Activities on the Decline in the Mokoko Area

Illegal Logging Activities on the Decline in the Mokoko Area

[one_third][/one_third]Continuous anti logging patrol trips by MINFOF staff and Village Forest Management Committee (VFMC) members have induced a decline in illegal logging activities in the Mokoko River Forest Reserve.

The revelation was made by Wildlife Control Post of Illoani, Mr. Osang Johnson at the end of a recent anti logging patrol trip in the Ekombe-Mofako, Illoani, Dikome, Bonjare and Bonja villages of the Mokoko Area. This trip was motivated by the felling of some four Microberlinia bislcata seed trees last 2015.

Carried out within the framework of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF)’s Save Microberlinia bislcata Project, Mr. Osang said there were very limited traces of illegal forest exploitation activities in this area that has hitherto suffered wanton illegal exploitation.

He attributed this to increasing sensitization by ERuDeF and a more consistent patrol that has been carried out in recent time thanks to funding from the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

“This general decline of illegal exploitation of Zingana could be associated to the fact that the local population are now aware of the conservation status of this species; our continuous presence in the field during the past three months in accordance with ERuDeF/MINFOF specifications has also scared them away” Mr. Osang ssaid.

MINFOF TOU Focal Point Mr. Biakaiy Norbert, on his part said increasing patrol frequency is very crucial in saving Micoberlinia bisulcata.

This anti logging patrol trips came as a follow up of a training workshop that took place in September 2015 during which the VFMCs were drilled on the Cameroon 1994 Forestry Code and how to carry out patrols.

The Mokoko River Forest Reserve is one of the largest and most consistent habitats of critically endangered Zingana (Microberlinia bisulcata), which has been under continuous threat due to agricultural expansion and illegal timber exploitation

Limbi Blessing Tata

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